275 Jahre 1735 - 2010 Welcome to the Mowing Boat - The site of Roeder Ltd. We would like to offer information about our company, giving them an insight into our performance and our performance catalog. The Röder GmbH is active in the marine construction industry since 1962. We specialize in maintenance, restoration and maintenance work on water.   Removal of algae and trees, dredging in inaccessible terrain by walking excavators, dredging of ponds and lakes by long front excavator and backhoe Moor. On this page you will find information about our services, Mowing Boat.  Just look at our site. If you have suggestions or questions to us, or simply need more information and to contact us, click on "Contact Us"on these pages.  Thank you for your visit. We are happy if we can help you        Elimination of water grass and algae by Mowing Boat.  A common problem is the fouling of streams and rivers and lakes with water grass and algae. The leads generated by oxygen deficiency and enrichment of the water with septic substances often used to "collapse " of the water. In lakes, the water plants for swimmers very unpleasant and may cause bathing accidents. Furthermore, in rivers, the water flow impeded and thus affect the flood relief function. To prevent this, have affected water bodies are mowed regularly.  With three modern Mowing Boat with front and side mower, scythe, and towed us to mow the vegetation water and bring to a proprietary production rake the shore where the water grass or algae can be taken up and disposed  of environmentally. When you mow large ponds and lakes, we work with GPS support, to ensure the close to 100% as the existing algae are cut. One of the boats is also equipped with sonar        Images can be found on the German side of the homepage        Contact: Röder GmbH Germany roeder-wasserbau  @  t-online.de ©  Röder-Wasserbau